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In Cru, we have groups of guys or girls (3 to 4) that meet regularly and are committed to spurring one another to follow Christ. Without others in our lives pointing us to Jesus and loving us despite our flaws, it is extremely difficult to grow in Christ. We are designed to be in community with other Christian brothers and sisters.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. - Prov. 27.17



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Spiritual Formation. To build upon our foundation in Christ by learning aspects of godly character, our purpose in living, truths of this relationship with God, ministry opportunities to step out in faith, and much more.  Therefore, each discipleship group will meet weekly and look at God’s Word together. We will learn together what God has to say to us, as well as learn to live it out. The goal is not to master the curriculum or the process; it is to help each other become more like Jesus Christ.

Be in life together. Not only will a regular meeting time be essential to intentionally knowing/obeying God and His Word more, but also relationally connecting outside of that time. There is no formal or set time for this. It is simply a value to develop true and lasting friendships that form inside those weekly meeting times, as well as outside of them.


That you make your decision between you and God. This is not a Cru thing. It is a choice every believer is faced with: whether they will follow Jesus with their whole life or not. And make no mistake, Jesus says there is a cost to following Him.

That you commit to faithfully participating in our weekly times each week. Of course, something may come up, but please plan ahead to make the time important. Meeting up for discipleship can be a great time for you every week. Many place a premium on this time. Everyone in the group can grow and be encouraged as you look at God’s Word together and pray for one another. Knowing that our time is precious, let’s be committed to showing up.

That you participate with action steps that are based off the passage of Scripture we read. Remember, we do not want to merely hear or read God’s Word, but to do what it says.

That you have a teachable, humble, and willing attitude.  Little, if any, fruit will grow and reach maturity if the heart is hard and proud. But furthermore, be prepared to trust God to do more in your life than you imagine.

As of now, this is only a one semester commitment. You can evaluate at the end of the semester if you want to continue on in the group.

And [Jesus] said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  - Lk 9.23

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